Saprev provides a complete range of products and consulting services to assist companies in their Learning and Development needs. Saprev's services cater to both the largest organisations as well as the SME sector. Our Learning and Development services are designed to be cost effective with consultants that deliver the services from Singapore, South Africa, the UK and India.

Our Enterprise Learning and Deployment Strategy Planning service reviews the current plan that companies have and delivers a detailed report and plan on the tasks and resources necessary to train and support users of the ERP implementations done by the company. We provide the services on SAP, Oracle and Microsoft applications currently.
The detailed report and plan provides key stakeholders with options for the different training methodologies available, an understanding of where and when key tasks are likely to occur, and an approximate cost. There are 2 variations of the Learning and Deployment Strategy Planning service that we provide as follows:-

Systems Staff Learning & Deployment Strategy Planning
While the Enterprise Learning and Deployment Strategy Planning service looks at the plan organization wide, this service essentially focuses on the team that is involved in the implementation of the ERP system in the company. The report will specify what the systems staff, often called the Project Team in an ERP implementation, need to be effective to be able to work as part of the implementation team as well as to support the various departments in the organization.

End User Learning & Deployment Strategy Planning
This service focuses on the end users of the ERP system implemented. The report we develop addresses the needs of the end users and ensures that the end users have the appropriate skills and knowledge to maximize the value from your implemented ERP system. The report provides an insight in to the different modes of learning for the end users as well as end user support tools that will help in improving productivity.

Our Learning Needs Analysis consulting service collects all the required information that your organization needs to plan the training and support activities for the identified group of users. Depending on the extent of the report that is required, we are able to provide a Learning Needs Analysis deliverable for a department, a group or even for all the employees in your organization. Of course, the more extensive the learning needs analysis required, the more time and effort will be needed to complete the report.

We develop content for end user training based on your configured system that has been implemented in your company. We have developed many proven templates for content development and offer these to customers for content development. The templates have been created using practical pedagogy principles and we have also included significant multimedia options to assist in effective learning by the end users of the systems. We are very flexible and also develop content based on standards prescribed and adopted by your organization as well. Our content development services is done both onsite and offshore in India depending on your preferences as well as cost considerations.

We provide learning project management services which is different from the typical project management services. As learning and development services are specialized in nature, our project managers are highly specialized in learning methodologies and pedagogies, and they manage the learning projects in an effective and efficient way.

Neglected End Users? (06 Apr 2011)

So many ERP implementations do not provide the value that was part of the rationale for what is an expensive and time-consuming implementation, we have to consider the reasons for this failure. In this white paper we look at one of the fundamental causes of wasted money and time, and demonstrate how to avoid making this mistake.

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